Advanced QA Engineering

SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test (or Software Design Engineer in Test). I believe this title was originated at Microsoft (but have not researched this). It is also used at and Google.

As the Testing Ecosystem is evolving there is an ever reducing demand for simple “Manual Tester”. In the recent times, the trend is for the software developer who creates the code for the software, and then have a tester who tests the software through white-box testing. These days, typically, most teams have Software Test Engineers (STE) that do this kind of testing. It is their job to test the software, identify failures, analyze the log files, and report bugs ..

Following are the important aspects of being an SDET:

Being a good consumer advocate. It is the SDET’s responsibility to make sure that we are shipping the highest quality code possible. It is his/her responsibility to advocate the right bugs to fix and to reject the ones that would introduce too much risk to the customers. It is a very big and very real responsibility that an SDET faces with every bug found.